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Birth Announcements

  • Goldie delivered her 8 beautiful kittens on 9/27/2019  (5 white - 4 male and 1 female,  2 shaded silver - males,  and one female)
  • Hibou delivered her 5 kittens on 9/28/2019  (4 white - 3 male and 1 female, and 1 shaded silver male)
  • Chloe Belle delivered her one female smoke kitten on 9/30/2019
  • All moms and babies live in our home among us.  Mothers co-parent their babies as they do in the wild.  Our kittens are socialized from the time they are born.  My mommas are all so mellow and trusting that they allow me to share in cleaning  and  rotating the babies to mom's tits for equal nourishment/cleaning.  Our queens listen to meditation music daily as they nurse their babies and while grooming/nap time.  
  • All babies are absolutely gorgeous and will be ready to go to their fur-ever homes after 12/6/ holiday kittens...YAY!  
  • Please reserve your baby today with your 25% non-refundable deposit.  My exquisite Persian masterpieces go very quickly! You may pay your deposit via secure PayPal, bank wire, or personal check, but your reservation is not secured until your deposit clears the bank.  
  • To reserve your kitten, click on the "Click here to view more" under kitten's description to go to that kitten's hyperlink to their PayPal link/their personal photo gallery.  I will send you weekly photos of your baby until I personally deliver your kitten to you or you pick them up from my home.  
  • Your kitten will come with the following:  FL Certificate of Health, UTD on vaccinations, a small carrier with matching blanket with mom's scent on it, favorite toy, bag of kitten food if you pick up your kitten or I personally drive your kitten to your door, and CFA registration paperwork upon proof of spay/neuter, unless your kitten is purchased to be part of a reputable cattery breeding program.  Breeding rights are a privilege which must meet Pensacola Persians' approval.
  • Thank you for your interest and/or becoming part of the Pensacola Persians family.  We encourage you to share your photos of your baby with us as he/she enjoys their journey through life snuggled with you <3 

Additional Information

  • Kittens going home within 150 miles of Pensacola are available between 9 & 10 weeks after birth, if they are mature enough.
  • Kittens travelling greater than 2 hours must be at least 10-12 weeks old, depending on their maturity level.
  • Ask about door-to-door delivery services!

* Please Note:  72% of Blue-eyed, White Cats are deaf.   

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